Weaving workshop

Johnin Jiangsu industry park is the phase 1 project of JIANGSU JOHNIN TEXTILE CO.,LTD. JOHNIN TEXTILE phase 1 project is running 2000 weaving machines for polyester taffeta lining fabrics. the daily output is 600,000 meters greige fabric. 

JIANGSU JOHNIN TEXTILE CO.,LTD. is planning to build a eco-industry chain from yarn, greige fabric, dyeing finish, printing finish to coating finish. In the phase 1 project. We already successfully well equipped over 2000 weaving machine, over 10 production lines of desize process, many dyeing jig machines. Meanwhile JIANGSU JOHNIN TEXTILE CO.,LTD. has deeply cooperated with one of head yarn factory to ensure more stable and competitive supply. What we JOHNIN TEXTILE are doing is integrating different process in one and compress time and cost to help market grow. In that way, we will also provide more chances to small businesses and competitors other than customers. This is a predictable, stable and good business circle. Believe it and see it!




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